Digital Learning


At Teesside High School we believe that new technology plays an important role in the modern learning environment and that it will play an important role in our students’ future careers.

A recent survey by Ofcom found that 6 year-olds have the same understanding of technology as 45 year-olds, and that ‘millenials’ of 14-15 year-olds are the most tech-savvy age group in the UK.”

In the modern classroom, technology is used to supplement and augment traditional learning, allowing students to access and engage with content in new, exciting ways. The use of iPads in lessons is a blended approach which aims to bring together a range of technologies and resources alongside traditional teaching methods

What do we hope to achieve?

  • Engage and motivate students
  • Augment traditional teaching
  • Inspire creativity
  • Promote collaboration
  • Develop digital community spirit/citizenship
  • Develop skills for the working world of tomorrow


At Teesside High School, we think of Edmodo as the digital hub of our school; it is our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of choice. By using Edmodo, students can seek support from peers and teachers, access missed work and complete assignments from any device with an internet connection. For more information about the use of Edmodo, please contact Mr James Pollock; our VLE Coordinator: [email protected]


Why iPads?

iPads allow for a wider range of restriction options, which can be set remotely using a system known as Mobile Device Management.  There is only one variant of iPad (other than storage size and cellular, and past models), making it easier for all staff and students to work with the same apps, compared to the plethora of various devices with varying specifications and software versions for Android and Windows.  Apple’s closed ecosystem ensures only certified apps can be installed from the App Store giving a greater degree of confidence in the security of apps students will use.

Why 1:1 as opposed to class sets of iPads?

Whilst having a number of class set iPads is great, it is far from ideal in a classroom environment as they have to be frequently reset to ensure that no student is left logged in to any of the apps, and to reduce the risk of a student passing of someone else’s work as their own.  Also it was becoming more frequent that all iPads were booked out, resulting in other lessons being unable to use them. 1:1 allows work to be carried out whenever, wherever and allows students a greater sense of ownership and responsibility over their device, and allows work carried out on the device to be done in much greater depth.

iPads only have limited storage, what about saving work?

As a Google for Education school, all students get access to unlimited storage through Google’s online cloud solution, Google Drive.  The app allows you to upload files from other apps such as Keynote and Pages, photos, videos, and most file formats, which then can be accessed on any device or PC with an internet connection at

How do students back up their iPad?

All iPads can be backed up to a service called iCloud using an Apple ID.  This will backup all apps documents and settings, notes, photos, contacts.  All students should also be backing up all work to their Google Drive account which has unlimited storage space.

What if an iPad is lost or misplaced?

With iCloud enabled, it is possible to enable a feature called Find My iPad.  This will tell you the iPad’s current location (only if connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular signal), and allow you to play a sound to locate it, place it into ‘Lost Mode’ and leave a message, or remotely erase the device.

What happens to student’s work, if an iPad is lost, broken etc?

Once an iPad is repaired/replaced, it can be setup to be restored from iCloud, which will place your apps, documents, settings, etc. back on to an iPad from the most recent backup.

Will students become a target carrying an iPad to and from school?

In the school, students have had assemblies and lessons regarding e-safety.  When travelling to and from school, iPads should remain safely in a student’s school bag.

What happens if a student forgets to bring their iPad to school?

We have a limited number of iPads available that can be booked out for a lesson or for the full day, which must be returned at the end of the school day.  These iPads are loaded with the most common apps that are used in the classrooms such as Edmodo, Google’s apps, and iMovie.

How will students be able to differentiate their own iPad from others?

We encourage students to change the lock screen of their iPad to something that distinguishes their iPad from others, and by placing a label on the case where possible.

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