Digital Learning

Prep School pupils are digital natives, brought up in a world in which computers and mobile devices play an ever-increasing role.  Whilst we value traditions of the past we are proud to be a forward-thinking school.  Digital technologies are used in a blended approach to learning to enhance the curriculum and provide many varied stimulating learning opportunities, helping to drive academic excellence.  The use of iPads has become a very important part of the curriculum at Teesside High School.

Through the use of these technologies, our aim is to promote pedagogical excellence in the classroom, embracing independent learning, collaborative learning, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and flexible progression.

The use of technology does not replace a traditional THS education. Just as the calculator replaced the slide rule and became another tool in the pencil case, so has the iPad. The calculator didn’t change the way Mathematics was taught, it just added enormously to the learning process. The same is true of the iPad, as it has become an important part of our blended learning philosophy.

Pupils are trained in ‘netiquette’ (manners surrounding use of digital devices), responsible care of the iPads which they entrusted with by you as parents, and in the vital areas of e-safety and digital citizenship, so that they know how to protect themselves, and behave responsibly, in their use of the internet and mobile devices.