Transition to Senior School

Year 6 is a very important time for children and one of our aims at Teesside High School is to effectively prepare them for the next stage in their school career. The move from Year 6 to Year 7 can be a daunting one for some children but at the same time very exciting and we work closely with our Senior School to make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The transition to the Senior School starts early in Years 4 and 5, with the introduction of some Senior School teachers in the Prep curriculum, and also the opportunity to experience the classrooms and facilities of the Senior School. Science Week is particularly popular when pupils in all year groups have the opportunity to utilize the Science labs and teachers in the Senior School.

In Year 6, more of the Enrichment program is spent in the Senior School, as well as the two Taster Days, which provide the chance for pupils to experience a ‘normal’ day in the School. The Taster Days also provide a chance to meet other Senior School pupils and quiz them about their experiences.

Our teachers and our leadership team understand very well the transition and the journey that children have to make into the Senior School. We strive to make this transition as smooth and happy as possible for both our students and their parents!