Here at Teesside High we firmly believe that there is more to our student experience than their academic profile and achievements. We believe that our students need to be articulate and well-rounded individuals who can work well with others and communicate effectively.


Our school drama productions are one of the major highlights of the school year. They are very popular among students of all ages and provide many opportunities to get involved both onstage and off!

Our annual whole school production is the biggest of our productions. It alternates between a play and a musical. Our recent successes have been “Oliver!” in 2014 and “Daisy Pulls It Off” in 2015. Actors are not the only stars of the show, with all lighting, sound, backstage support and makeup being undertaken to a very high standard by our pupils.

The school drama studio houses smaller productions, and audiences at our GCSE and A-Level performances always appreciate being a more integral part of the action on stage.


At Teesside High School we run a successful and well subscribed to Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold levels starting in Year 10.  The expedition section of the award is run in association with Mountain Activity Centre which gives us peace of mind that our students are well prepared and safely managed by experts in the field for all of their training, practice and final expeditions.


Sport refers to all physical activity that takes place beyond the curriculum.  Teesside High School has an excellent tradition and reputation in competitive sport.  The co-curricular sports program is at the heart of our pupil community.