Extended Project

The Extended Project Qualification is a piece of independent work: either a 5000-word essay with a presentation, an artifact, or an event with an accompanying report. At Teesside High School we encourage students to consider undertaking this qualification in Years 12 and 13. The Level 3 EPQ has the same weighting as an AS level and is highly valued by universities. Russell Group universities say that the EPQ helps young adults develop exactly the skills in research, organization, self- motivation and academic presentation that will stand them in good stead as undergraduates.

This qualification also offers students the chance to study in-depth a subject that is outside the curriculum; to pursue their own interests in anything from equestrianism to computer games, from apartheid to celebrity culture. If you are intending to read a subject at university which is not offered at school, (for example Law or Veterinary Medicine), an EPQ  on Habeas Corpus or Bovine Tuberculosis can demonstrate your interest in and dedication to your chosen field, making you stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive environment.

Students are appointed a specialist EPQ supervisor who oversees the whole process:  working out a title together; regular meetings to show progress; teaching study skills, such as the conventions of annotation and bibliography.  Both the skills acquired and the qualification in itself will be of great